Master Modern Use Cases, London, Remote Course (BST), Sept 9-10 2024

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Master Modern Use Cases - Training Course Introduction

Join us on this course to learn about brand new concepts you can apply to Use Cases – created in 2024 and directly from the founder’s table. Ivar Jacobson – the inventor of use cases - will join this training course and give a presentation ‘Use Cases: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. Use cases have been the heart of successful projects and endeavours for over three decades. In 2023 the two industry authorities on use cases, Ivar Jacobson and Alistair Cockburn, felt there was still a hole in the map of practices which only use cases can fill. They returned and co-authored an article to re-energise the use case concept for the 21st century. Together they agreed on a new common foundation: ‘The Use Case Foundation’, to describe any type of use case. In 2024 Ivar Jacobson International has applied ‘The Use Case Foundation’ and extended it with a selection of new Use Case Practices which you can now select and apply to different projects or endeavours to match the complexity of that work. Do you have a simple, well-scoped piece of work? Apply our ‘Use-Case Story Telling’ practice. Do you want to get a simple visual overview of all your use cases? Apply our ‘Light Use-Case Modeling‘ practice. This course will teach you how to select the right use case practice for the right situation. Learn how you can maximise the impact of your use cases and avoid adding unnecessary detail or complexity. This course will be provided by Keith de Mendonca.  Dr. Keith de Mendonca is a principle consultant, SAFe SPCT, trainer and Essence specialist who has recently worked with Jeff Patton to essentialize his story mapping practice.

Master Modern Use Cases - Training Course Overview

Image of Ivar Jacobson, the father of use cases!
Image of Keith de Mendonca, Use Case expert, Principal Consultant and Trainer

Master Modern Use Cases - Training Learning Goals

After this use case course, you will be able to:

  • Improve communication with stakeholders, developers, and testers.
  • Focus on your key user and stakeholder goals.
  • Understand how to populate your backlogs from use cases.
  • Outline, slice and split your use cases to create actionable team backlog items.
  • Create better, more effective User Stories,
  • Ensure balance across the requirement areas of your system.
  • Identify effective end-to-end test cases.
  • Define and describe the scope of your solution
  • Define increments and releases.
  • Create a permanent record of what your system does.